With its bittersweet taste, evoPURE is the perfect thirst quencher - whether at work, during leisure activities or sports.



The pomegranate juice pressed from the fruit has been appreciated as a delicious food for centuries.


Silica is an indispensable trace element for strong bones and joints. Hair, skin and nails also benefit from silica.


Spirulina algae is a nutrient- and protein-rich food supplement that is eaten as part of the daily diet in some parts of the world.


Aronia contains essential ingredients in their natural form. The chokeberry (Aronia) is a plant genus within the rose family (Rosaceae).


The red berry is an absolute power package and rightly belongs to the new class of "superfoods". You rarely find so many valuable ingredients combined in such a small space.

24 x evoPURE

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  • Ingredients & Composition:

    Water,  agave syrup, pomegranate juice, aronia juice, Cranberry juice, lemon juice, spirulina extract, carbonic acid